Armed Forces, TD, volunteer formations – all of them are brave people who stood up for our state, risking their own lives. The struggle for our freedom is conducted DAILY! The war is not over yet…

In order for each of us to be able to live our lives as it is possible under these conditions, we must support our defenders, because they constantly need ammunition, military and tactical equipment, vehicles, consumables, etc. to perform combat missions.

Our organization helps to provide defenders with the most necessary, carefully studying the needs and responsibly treating the quality of items and materials. We deliver the aid directly to those who need it, to the place where it is needed.

Ammunition from our fund was received by: Voluntary formation of the Feodosiivska Territorial Community, military unit A 7301 of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and units of the Armed Forces (unfortunately, we cannot disclose which ones, for their safety during the war). After the war, all reports of the fund with units will be available to everyone.

Everyone can join the help materially and financially! We are a team where everyone plays their part.

* All bank details are listed on the site

Support the defenders of Ukraine!